I have dedicated this page to all the nigerian scammers that have
made feeble attempts to steal from our fine organization.
In Decmeber of 2006, I received a nice email from a Mr. Lone Williams.  (nice name
huh) with a yahoo domain.  He was interested in buying 50 Garret Superscanner  
hand held metal detectors (like the ones the nazis at the airports use for secondary
screening of 95 year old ladies)  from me.  Well, I do not sell the metal detectors.  I
guess that was my first clue.  I googled pricing on these and doubled it, and sent
him an estimate of $21000 for these items.  He said he would be kind enough to
send a check for it.

I figured it would show up in a couple of days, but on 2-3-07 Whammo!  UPS shows
up with a next day air envelope, inside was this nice check
Note the low quality of this gem.  Stevie Wonder could produce a more realistic looking item.
Anyway we banter via email back and forth on shipping, and I let him know that he is short $250 as
the price has increased from the date of inquiry to buy the metal detectors and he needs to send it
in CASH.  He says that HE will pay for shipping.  Ok, but he is still $49 short I tell him and he
promises to send me $50 CASH in the mail.  I wont hold my breath on this one.  He gleefully
arranges shipping of the metal detectors through DHL.  HE sends me this airbill:
I recently acquired a new building and the previous owner left this stupid looking wooden
stand of some sort that I didn't want and was going to have to pay to dispose of.
So Nock has an
idea!  Cut this damn
thing up, get some
genuine Jack
Russell DOG POOP
out of the yard, and
send it to this
koknoker that tried to
scam me!  But I
wanted to make it
classy so I took one
of the 2x4 pieces and
made an impromptu

out of it!
Friendly DHL
courier taping on
the label.  I couldnt
stuff the full 140lbs
in the box, but it
was heavy and I
had theGenuine
squished  on the
boards nicely.  
How much you
think this cost the
scammer?  Yes it
next day air
to Detroit Michigan.
Anyway it appears the scammer has his drop location in Detroit, and then someone forwards it to him so
he will not get caught with the stolen goods.  Anyway here is the email I got from 3-22-07 right after he
opened up his package, and note the spelling.. Ever hear of SPELL CHECK????  
Send an Instant Message "lone william" <potcomlist@yahoo.com>

You believe you are a smart ASHOLE you send a a wood to me that you think
you smart never mind you just send my check back to me ok